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Friday, February 1, 2008


100% Commercial Loans for Business Expansion and Acquisition Financing

  • 100% financing includes build-out and closing costs
  • Loan amounts up to $1 million
  • Stop Paying Rent and OWN the building your business is in.
  • Expand your current facility – get room to GROW

Other Commercial Loan Programs

  • 100% No Doc Commercial Loans
  • 100% Office Condo Financing for Professionals

Over the years, we have learned the nuances of the Commercial lending arena and now have the team in place to provide the great rates and flexibility of a broker with the underwriting knowledge of direct lenders. In so doing, we can fill the void between the local commercial bank with it's slow approvals, rigid terms, zero follow-up and harsh criteria and the "hard money" lenders who will give you 13% rates. In fact, we will help structure the deal and can often get the loan approved with banks and lenders that you would be unable to get done. Plus, we are now correspondent lenders with several national banks - which means better pricing for our clients.

The 100% loan is not for everyone, and qualification is required but your helpful Representative will gladly assist. Just call us today and we can crunch the numbers and see if this loan will work for you!

Contact us: Call 863-298-8900 or 813-833-3132

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Richard Micheal said...
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Richard Micheal said...
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Richard Micheal said...

Mean time there are so many commercial loan companies, Recently I just visited a company with the name of Quickline Company Partners in this covid-19 duration, And they were giving me a such good plans with easy installments of 5 to 8 years. But I want to visit some more companies to avail a more better offer, So please let me know if anyone have some helpful information for me.
Highly apricated,