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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Investment Opportunity: Exciting Medical Jobs Marketplace

Medical (MJM) is an exciting new medical job marketplace for employers to find staff and for job seekers to find jobs. The site is competitive in size and scope and has the capacity to multiply servers within 2-14 days as the site grows. The site has a 12 million IP Appraisal on it and is current as of February 2009 and is based on the website as it sets now.

MJM once in full operational swing should generate 6M the first year 8M the second year and 11M the third year. Its style and offering is competitive with the likes of and; the website revenues are at 768,000,000.00 in a bad economy with annual reports ending December of 2008.

The owner has 29 years of experience operating a medical recruitment company and has key national contacts in the medical industry that will move the website forward. This was one of the motivations for developing this website. There is no other website in the industry like the MJM website in the medical / healthcare field.

The website IP address is:

Expansion funding is being sought in the amount of 2.5M in return for either 25% equity position in the corporation or a rate of return of investment at 12% over a 3-5 year period. Owner would like to buy back the 25% in 3-5 years based on pre-defined terms if that can be worked out. Owner will negotiate in the effort of getting this funding. Owner is aggressively seeking this capital as of March 2009.

The 2.5M includes debt service payments in the amount of 18,500.00 per month for the next 3 years with balloon note at the end of term. This was done to provide guarantee of debt service ability for the next 3 years.

If you are interested and would like a copy of the IP/website appraisal please email or call Sherry Andersen at 904-683-7564 or call Tony DeCresie at 863-298-8900, eFax 863-877-4456 or call cell at 863-833-3132 as Tony and his company are assisting Ms. Andersen in facilitating exposure and mediation-broker services in getting this funding.
The owner would consider selling the website at the appraised value. Owner is Industry savvy and understands the value of the website.

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