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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Financial News Update: Programs that are Funding

There IS money available to lend for the right kind of deals that are packaged and presented properly. Here are programs that are funding:

  • New Small Balance / Short Term Bridge Loan Fund - $150,000 - $1,500,000 loan amounts (our previous minimum was $2 million)
  • Rural Loans (for ANY town/city with under 50,000 population)
  • SBA 7A and 504 Loans (rates are at all time lows and money IS available to lend for owner-occupied properties and small businesses thanks to gov't. Stimulus Bill)
  • NEW fund for large development projects that qualify in one of the following categories:
    - Infrastructure (roads, utilities, bridges, etc.)
    - Humanitarian (hospitals, disaster recovery, etc.)
    - Green Energy (wind farms, bio-diesel plants, etc.)
    - Job Creation (lots of projects could fit into this category)
  • Government Loan Programs for Multi-Family Housing and Assisted Living Facilities

For more information call us TODAY at 863-298-8900
Visit the link below to get a Quick response to your Commercial Loan Scenario. Simply provide us with some VERY BASIC information: Quick Loan Pre-Qual form

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