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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Commercial Loans Are Really Closing?

I often get asked “what is really closing in commercial”. Sometimes I tell them generalities like SBA Loans, but I want to list some of our actual recent closings so you can see what really IS closing. These are just a sample of the loans Commercial Capital Ltd. has closed recently. These loans have been chosen for their diversity and to show you a range of the programs that are getting funded right now.

  • Church Construction / Loan Amount: $8,500,000 / Location: Katy, TX
  • Retail Refinance / Loan Amount $1,300,000 / Location: Pine, AZ
  • Office Refinance/Line of Credit / Loan Amount: $450,000 / Location: Chantilly, VA
  • Refinance of (3) Funeral Homes / Loan Amount: $2,543,000 / Location: Michigan
  • Special Use Prop. Purchase / Loan Amount: $720, 434 / Location: Big Bear Lake, CA
  • SBA 7A Manufacturing Purchase / Loan Amount: $618,000 / Location: Tampa, FLRetail /
  • Office Purchase / Loan Amount: $492,000 / Location: Spring Hill, FL
  • Multifamily Cash-Out Refinance / Loan Amount: $810,000 / Location: Beverly, MA
  • 2-Unit Commercial Property Refi / Loan Amount: $360,000 / Location: Brighton, MA
  • Office Building Purchase / Loan Amount: $325,000 / Location: North Carolina

Again, these are not all of them but a good mixture. The important thing is that commercial loans ARE closing. Deals ARE getting done. In an era where borrowers are struggling to get anything closed we have a reputation built on actual closings. We have a great reputation and are well known.

Please keep in mind that there are more deals needing money than money to lend so only the better deals get funded. To find out if we can fund YOUR project, just call us at: 1-863-298-8900. It costs nothing to see if we can help you!

Give us a call at: 863-298-8900 or 813-833-3132 Or visit: and fill out a Quick Loan Pre-Qual form to get a fast response to your loan scenario

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