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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Multi-family Financing – Acquisition / Refinance

Multi-family Financing – Acquisition / Refinance

Commercial Capital Limited is a proven leader in the commercial mortgage business. As a leader we are able to provide funding avenues for a wide variety of commercial loan and business financing scenarios as well as underwrite loans for small and large apartment complexes. We have the experience and expertise to structure loans to meet your multi-family, apartment financing needs.

  • 85% Loan-to-Value – Acquisition or Refinance
  • 80% Loan-to-Value for Cash-Out Refinance
  • 35-Year Amortization
  • 35-Year Term (no balloon)
  • 7.5% Seller promissory note allowed for down payment requirements (Acquisition Only)
  • Low, fixed interest rate, based on market spreads over the Ten-Year Treasury yield
  • No maximum loan amount
  • No personal liability (non-recourse)
  • Negotiable pre-payment terms
  • 1:18 Minimum Debt Service Coverage
  • This loan is always assumable
  • Third-party expenses and loan costs are financeable.
Rates and Terms determined by LTV, credit, property type and other conditions. This is limited information and meant for general reference purposes. Contact us for detailed information or a specific quote on a project. 863-298-8900 or 813-833-3132 or visit

Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to look at your financing scenario. If you have any questions or want more information please call:
863-298-8900 or 813-833-3132

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