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Friday, July 1, 2011

Smaller Businesses Seeking Loans Still Come Up Empty

An article in the Wall Street Journal By Emily Maltby, small businesses expected 2011 to be the moment a years-long credit freeze would finally begin to thaw. But borrowing has only gotten worse. Loans outstanding to small businesses totaled $609 billion at the end of March, an 8.6% drop from a year earlier, according to the most recent data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which analyzes loans of less than $1 million.


Another lending analysis, by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, shows that big banks' outstanding loans to small businesses dropped 14% between March 2010 and March 2011, while loans by smaller lenders fell 3%.


Business owners rank access to capital as the most important issue facing privately held companies…read more about Small Business Lending

Local banks have fears and it constrains their lending.  In fact, in our discussions with hundreds of local banks over the last few months, it appears as many as 60-70% of them are NOT REALLY LENDING!  Combine this with the fact that the big 5 banks deny 80-90% of the applications they take in and you see the true state of money availability to the local business owner or real estate investor.  You won't read that in the media – that is not what the powers-that-be want you to hear.  But that is what is going on behind the scenes and like any problem, it provides an opportunity for someone.  At Commercial Capital, we have resources around the country that ARE aggressively lending.  If a deal is a good deal, we have resources to fund it.  That includes life companies, hedge funds, conduit lending, private money AND local banks and credit unions that ARE lending.  We can bring the resources of the country to the local investor or business owner and keep the money flowing to the businesses and entities that are out there making it happen. Those are the heroes that are really growing the economy.  When I get a loan for that business owner, that opens up jobs and opportunities.  That is what these people need.

Small Business Lending is vital to the country's economy.  The Obama administration and Congress created the Small Business Lending Fund to increase lending by small and mid-size banks.  "The purpose of the [Small Business Lending Fund] is to encourage Main Street banks and small businesses to work together to help create jobs and promote economic growth,'' said Colleen Murray, a Treasury Department spokeswoman.  In these changing times business owners looking to expand and grow are hesitant because of all of the uncertainty regarding the economy and having access to capital vital.  There are lending sources with funds available to lend and Commercial Lending Pros is committed to helping small businesses obtain the funds that are vital to expand, hire and grow.


Here at Commercial Lending Pros we continue to provide financing services for business owners, investors and other entrepreneurs throughout the country.  We are direct lenders and also have access to over 150 different funding sources including banks that are lending, hedge funds, private equity groups, insurance companies, private investors and other funding sources including Wall St. funds.

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