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Friday, August 12, 2011

Tips for dealing with slow-paying customers - Commercial Finance Group

Tips for dealing with slow-paying customers - Commercial Finance Group
Typically, small businesses lead the way out of recession, says Jeffrey Leonard, the CEO of the Global Environment Fund near Washington, D.C., in a Washington Monthly article. But this time that's not happening, and Leonard believes one of the main reasons has to do with restrictions in small-business cash flow. "Many large companies today have simply announced that as a matter of policy they will be paying their bills late--sometimes as much as four months late," Leonard notes. "This in effect forces small businesses, which really are hurting, to make free loans to big businesses instead of being able to use their working capital." Experts say small-business owners can respond with a variety of steps, beginning with examining cash-flow options. . . . keep reading about Small Business Cash Flow


At Commercial Lending Pros we specialize in helping small businesses with cash flow problems.  We offer accounts receivable factoring which gets the small business cash NOW and eliminates having to wait 90, 120 days for payments.  Visit our website today for more information about accounts receivable factoring.


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