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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Financing Discounted Notes

FEW banks will refinance a discounted note. WE CAN DO IT WITH NO ADDITIONAL EQUITY INJECTION!
We can finance up to 100% of the discounted value!  Rates are low!

$600,000 Note Discount Deal on Self Storage Facility
Location:  North Aurora, IL
Type: Declining property values and a slower lease up time than expected put this borrower in a financial bind.  He owed $1.6 Million and, the property only appraised for $1 million.  Unable to make the payments, the bank offered him a deep discount but, no one was willing to finance a guy who had not made a payment in almost a year.  We stepped in with our own private financing and, got him $600,000!  The bank accepted it and, the transaction closed in less than 30 days.  In total, this borrower saved $1.1 million in principal and more importantly, this loan saved the property.  If you are in a bind, give us a call-we just may be able to help!

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