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Friday, February 3, 2012

Small Business Loan Demand Highest Since 2005

FED: Small Business Loan Demand Highest Since 2005
Demand for business loans increased in the fourth quarter as economic growth accelerated, according to a Federal Reserve survey of senior loan officers at banks. Seventeen of 56 banks reported stronger demand among companies with $50 million in annual sales or more, according to the survey, while six reported weaker demand. Loan demand among small businesses increased by the most in any quarter since 2005. . . . See video about Small Business Lending


While large banks continue to hold back on lending to small businesses, here at Commercial Lending Pros we continue to provide financing services for business owners, investors and other entrepreneurs throughout the country. We are direct lenders for SBA 504 Loans and also have access to over 150 different funding sources including credit unions that are lending, hedge funds, private equity groups, insurance companies, private investors and other funding sources including Wall St. funds.


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