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Friday, May 11, 2012

Small Balance Bridge Loan NOW OPEN for Business!

This is OUR OWN private money – I am the underwriter, my brother is credit committee.  We decide to do the deal and we go right to commitment.  Closings in 3 weeks or less! (Shortest has been 8 days to closing).


Quick Hits: We will consider ANY property type or deal with a good story.  If we can believe the exit strategy, and the loan to value is 60% or less (65% on exception) – we will consider it.  We have done vacant warehouses in Michigan, a cell phone tower, a note discount deal at 100% of the discount.  We focus on loan amounts under $1 million and have minimal upfront due diligence.  Simply put, this is the BEST small balance bridge loan on the planet!  If you have a deal that just can’t fit into conventional financing – GIVE US A CALL at 863-299-2929


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Visit us at for more information or submit a loan scenario for pre-approval at

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We can get deals closed. Our Company Mission Statement is this, "Commercial Capital brings funding sources from around the country to the local business owner and investor to help keep this economy moving!"



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