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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Loans for Business and Frachise Purchases

For business-only and franchise purchases, these types of transactions are FULL-DOC loans, meaning income and assets of the borrower are verified. Assets are usually sourced (where is the money coming from?) and seasoned (how long has the money been there?). So it’s not real easy to get ultra creative on those kinds of deals. Even if you don’t actually use any of your own money to purchase a particular business – you still have to verify that you COULD and show where the money would come from (even if it actually comes from somewhere else).

For maximizing seller financing and getting creative, stick with main line properties like apartment buildings, office buildings, and retail strip centers AND keep the deals SMALL (usually under $1 million). Lenders want the type of properties where the tenants of the property generate enough revenue to pay for the mortgage – not a single business owner relying on the profitability of his business (like a KFC restaurant). With an apartment building or multi-tenant office building, even if YOU (the borrower) become unable or unwilling to pay your mortgage, the property may be able to support itself. So, because these are considered less risky loans, lenders often allow more flexible underwriting guidelines.

We are Financing Specialists dedicated to finding the best option for our customers whether its commercial business loans, investor financing or residential home loan.

If it’s an available commercial financing program ANYWHERE in the United States - we have access to it!


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