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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

100% Commercial Loan: A Testimonial

Here is a testimonial from a client who obtained 100% financing using our SBA Alternative loan for owner-occupied properties. It does require good credit, full documentation, 10% in seasoned reserves and consists of a 90% first and an unsecured second that got him to 100% LTV WITHOUT the longer time frame of an SBA loan. Owning a commercial property is so much better than renting. Every self employed borrower and business owner is a potential candidate.


"I was paying $3,000 a month rent last year. At the end of my lease I bought an office condo instead of renting. I did it on the 100% SBA Alternative Program and got a smoking rate from Commercial Capital. I now charge my company $2,500 a month which saves the company $500 a month. Meanwhile, I EARN $500 a month net profit and that profit will equal my depreciation so that money will be TAX FREE! Oh yeah, and the property is appreciating.

I am paying less rent for my company, in a brand new office far nicer than my old one, I am earning tax free income and I have an asset underneath that is appreciating – Commercial Capital Rocks!”

Atlanta, GA

Give us a call today at 863-298-8900 or 813-833-3132 to see if we can get you 100% Commercial financing. We have Hot products, that no one else has – the high LTV loans are ONLY at Commercial Capital!

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