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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Commercial Loans in Today's Lending Squeeze

Commercial Lending Squeeze

So how does this affect the average American?

The great majority of job creation in this country is being done by small businesses. If they can’t start or grow, then that takes a major driver of this economy off the table. For example, one of the largest lenders in franchise financing without real estate just stopped funding franchise startups. Hundreds of franchise businesses, from restaurants to hardware, which were slated to open in the next 90 days, are now stalled. This equates to tens of thousands of potential jobs lost. There is no other financing source for this niche available without collateral and few of the startups have the necessary collateral. Just like that, thousands of jobs gone and you won’t hear about this on CNBC. This is truly a unique time in the life of our economy.
But all is not lost. We KNOW that there ARE small businesses making money and there ARE good cash flowing properties that can be refinanced and/or purchased.


As the largest commercial correspondent in the country, with over 500 local branches, we know the sources that are still funding. We know the transactions that can be funded and we know how to get them closed. NO ONE CLOSES MORE COMMERCIAL LOANS EACH MONTH THAN COMMERCIAL CAPITAL. NO ONE! Our size is your advantage allowing us to not only offer financing on properties and businesses that local banks might deny, but allowing us to provide the volume pricing incentives even local banks can’t match.

In short, if you need a commercial loan, there is just one number you need to call….Commercial Capital. Call us today:
863-298-8900 or 813-833-3132
Or visit: and fill out a Quick Loan Pre-Qual form to get a fast response to your loan scenario.

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