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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Are Lending! Commercial Loans Available!

Commercial Loan Update:

Wall Street lenders are still on the sidelines and the scrutiny on them will keep them there for most of this year. Local banks are in a world of hurt with most local banks just trying to survive – 86 local banks are projected to fail this year in Georgia alone. These guys are on the sideline as well.

This leaves us! We are still lending. In fact, the big hedge fund money is coming back into the market. They are even looking at residential subdivisions again – incredible. Big projects that have stalled will begin to move again. How do I know? Of the 50 commercial loans in our pipeline fully half of them are the large projects, almost $3 Billion in total loan volume. Many of these large projects are approved or close to approved – and with little or NO due diligence! Not the rip-off scams that have become prevalent! We are real lenders…we are closing loans every week.

In fact, we are the number one commercial mortgage shop in the country.

For detailed information or a specific quote on a loan scenario, give us a call at: 863-298-8900 or 813-833-3132 To fill-out a quick loan scenario Pre-Qualification form visit:


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