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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spotlight On Quick Money

Times are tough all over, and running a business is no different. At Commercial Capital, we focus on the needs of small business. One of the ways we are meeting that need is with our new “Asset Backed Loan”. As opposed to a loan on real estate, this is a loan against stocks, bonds or treasuries. These loans have INCREDIBLE interest rates under 5% and can close in TWO WEEKS!

And it is easy! Get one simple statement showing the asset, like a quarterly report, and send it in. Within 3-5 days, we will have a contract. Once you sign that contract, you fund in 7-10 business days! And the rates are typically in the 4% - 5% range! That is some of the cheapest money available! And with no credit check or income verification! You keep ownership of the securities, and if the stock goes up…you get all the benefit. A lien is placed against the stocks/bonds or treasuries, so you cannot trade them for the duration of the loan. But unlike a margin loan, the loan CANNOT BE CALLED if the stocks go down in value. It is a safe way of tapping the asset for short term needs while protecting the asset for long term gains, retirement, etc. When you pay the loan off, the lien is released!

This money could be used by a small business to keep afloat until the economy turns. Or it could be used to pay off high interest debt, remember, we are often talking rates below 5% interest only. It can be used by real estate investors to grab some cheap homes or commercial properties…the opportunities are endless. We are currently working with developers who are in the middle of building hotels, apartments and retail properties and need to finish construction. Because they’re part way through construction, there is not a lot of interest among other lenders to provide funding. But the developers each have millions tied up in their stock portfolio. We can get them a quick few million and they can finish their projects. The opportunities this loan can bring you for some quick cash and real financial leverage are awesome! If you have any scenarios you would like to run by us, just give us a call at 863-298-8900. Minimum loan is $500,000. Get the quick cash you need today with NO credit check or income verification – at rates under 5%! Just call 863-298-8900.

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