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Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't be Afraid of Tax Returns that show Low or No Profits!

Many clients and brokers shy away from loan programs that require tax returns to verify business income. The reality is that these days almost all commercial lenders require tax returns. The days of "stated income" loans are long gone. But not to worry. We do "Add-Backs" as they are commonly referred to in underwriting. What that means is we look for the TRUE CASH FLOW of a business. Not the income that's reported on the bottom line of a business tax return after your CPA gets done utilizing all the deductions that are legitimately available to reduce taxable income. We will routinely add back such expenses as depreciation, compensation to officers, amortization and interest expense on almost every return. And we'll also add back any expense that will be "going away" as a result of the new loan request. For example, if the loan is to buy a new location to replace an office the business has been renting - we'll add back all the rent expense that was deducted. If the loan is being used for "debt consolidation" then we'll add back all the additional income that went to pay those debts that will be going away. You'd be surprised at just how much real cash flow most businesses have to work with when you know where to look. So don't be afraid to show those tax returns, even if they don't look so pretty at first glance.

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